South Fork River Trail


      Those of us “Gastonites” who have been riding mountain bikes in and about Gaston County long before there were legitimate places to ride are familiar with all the old primitive riverside trails that exist throughout the county, this being one of them. The good news is now this stretch is legal and maintained! As the name suggest the South Fork River Trail lies in the river basin of the South Fork in old textile property that belonged to Pharr Yarns. This river frontage which runs from McAdenville up into Lowell is now owned by the Catawba Lands Conservancy (CLC). PASA who has long had a relationship with the CLC offered in 2009 to assist with the plan to make this land part of the Carolina Thread Trail (CTT). That same year PASA started working along with other volunteers to open the corridor, clear downed trees, address trail issues, etc. In October of 2010 the South Fork River Trail officially opened to the public! PASA continues to treat it as part of our network of trail systems and we perform regular and seasonal maintenance and we are available to assist with the trail’s additional needs anytime the CLC/CTT call on us. PASA member Josh Taylor is also on the CTT’s Gaston County Steering Committee so that our club and the CTT stay on task with each other’s goals for Gaston County.


     Following the edge of the South Fork River, the South Fork River Trail (SFRT) is a bi-directional greenway which currently is a little over 2 miles long from one end to the other. Consisting of a mix of singletrack and doubletrack, this 4 mile out and back makes for a relaxing ride on a recovery day for seasoned riders or a great first time trail ride for the beginner wanting to get their feet wet in the sport of mountain biking. The SFRT is also an excellent place to teach a kid how to ride off-road! As you would expect the trail is very flat for the most part with just a few ups and downs. Currently the trail starts in McAdenville and runs to the Riverview neighborhood in Lowell. Sidewalks are being constructed that will soon connect it to Poston Park without having to ride on the road, even now though it is a great addition to Poston Mountain Bike Trail as a cool down. Keep in mind that the South Fork River Trail does tend to stay wet in the winter time although the CTT and PASA are attempting to address that.


     Russ Sprinkles


     Dixon Rd. / Willow Dr.
     McAdenville, NC

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