Thanks for considering a contribution to the Piedmont Area Singletrack Alliance. As a local affiliate of the International Mountain Bicycling Association we’re on the same mission locally IMBA is globally; to create, enhance and preserve great trail experiences for mountain bikers in our community. Your contribution will help support some of the financial upkeep of the club, from the cost of managing and maintaining this website to paying for 501(c)3 startup to end of year accounting. Your gift will also go towards the acquisition of more trail tools, any lumber or hardware we may need for trail projects, and any other club related expenses like banners, stickers, etc. Lastly your contribution will serve as an informal membership to the club. All we ask is $5 for basic membership we call "Supporters" and $20 or more for "GOLD" membership. Through the "Contribute to PASA" Paypal link that appears on every page on the website you can give as much and as often as you want. If you gave $7 on three occasions in a year on that third contribution which would equal $21 you would become a gold member for the rest of that year. Why gold members you might ask? People who contribute $20 or more per year will receive special deals and discounts from our club sponsors as a token of their appreciation for supporting our club's mission. So if you use the PASA website, ride trails built/maintained by the club, want to represent as a club member, or just want to show your appreciation for a group of volunteers who work hard to preserve land for public bicycle use please contribute to our cause...every little bit helps. We’re very appreciative and want to thank you in advance for all the support!

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10% off all parts and accessories for Gold PASA members for the current donation year. Does not apply to bikes or labor.

116 NE Court Square
Lincolnton, NC 28092

Please consider supporting PASA's efforts and services financially. For more information on contributing visit "PASA 411 / Contribute to PASA" on the menu. Thanks for your support!

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