The lake project at George Poston Park is far enough along now that we can start piecing the mountain bike trail back together. Trail work days for the most part will be Saturday mornings from around 8AM to 1PM kind of like it used to be. We may work Sundays sometimes as well. On a positive note, tying some fashion of trail back together should be fairly simple. There are still some weird things to deal with like the location of the new trailhead, stream crossings, etc. but overall we could have a trail opened before end-of-year as long as there's a good volunteer movement. After that we can work on expanding the trail and trying to reach that elusive milestone of 10 miles that were were so close to before the clearing for the lake began. So put November 20th on your calendar as the potential ramp-up date. We will probably be out there some before that day and I'll post those days up to the "Trail Projects" forum just as all work days will be posted. Remember the more helping hands we can get in the woods the sooner we can get Poston Trail opened back to the eager public!

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