This morning we spent more time working up on the Poston mountain property at the base of Spencer Mountain. An additional loop had already been flagged up in the hills last week by Carlton and me so today we were able to concentrate on notching out what was marked. Amazingly we knocked it all out which had to be over a half mile of new trail cut....rake-and ride hillside trail for the most part believe it or not! We do need to get back out there and bench a few sections and REALLY throw a pro-bench on the last 100 yards. I think a crew of five+ could knock all that out in a few hours though so keep your schedule open for next Saturday morning. After we knock this out and a little bit of additional clean up work the first phase of the Spencer Mountain Loop can be opened to everyone! Altogether it will add about one to one and a half miles of additional trail to Poston. Oh yeah there is a bridge to get built as well but we can add that after the fact if we don't get to it before we're ready to open house. There is a ride-around for now thanks to Jonboy. It was not a cool morning today, once the sun got up in the sky it was pretty toasty work so big thanks to Richard, Russ (and son), and Scott for coming out and sweating it out...super productive day!

Trail Work
- We heard Poston was in need of more elevation...fixed.

Trail Work
- Child labor laws? Never heard of them......

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