The route onto the trail has been modified to make it even easier to understand. New visitors were still getting confused however the new setup should make getting into the woods much easier to follow! Here are detailed directions with pictures on how to find your way onto the trail. Additionally the exit has also been altered and that too is explained.



Sometimes the one or two seconds you spend riding across a bridge almost goes unnoticed. Those bridges you ride over took a lot of time and manpower to build as seen in the following video. Big props to all our backwoods bridge builders!

What a great time we had out at Pee Wee’s this morning! As good as it felt when we scored the deal to add this old classic to our list of trails it felt even better to get out there put some sweat in the soil. A few things were done today, some trail clearing, flagging of potential future corridor, rerouting, cutting through downed trees, etc. The big project was getting a 22 foot bridge over the creek span for what will be a new trail entrance of sorts for Pee Wee’s…as a matter of fact over the next few months the first half (before you cross the metal bridge)of Pee Wee’s trail is going to take on a pretty significant layout change. Some older sections will be completely reclaimed to nature. Back to the bridge work, it went surprising smooth and was done quickly. Building 20+ foot bridges is no easy task yet it’s scary how efficient we’re getting at it. All those monster bridges we have been building at Poston really paid off! Once again Kbark’s CJ-5 (PASA’s robot) came to the rescue and knocked out the hard work of moving the utility poles a quarter mile into the woods for us; it’s good to have a jeep laying around at your disposal. Much thanks to all those who came out today to show their support and help – Bil (our PW Trail Coordinator), Brad, Brantley, Calvin, Droopy, Kbark, Kevin, Pagan, Scooter, Steve. Good stuff!

Pee Wee's Trail Work

Pee Wee's Trail Work

Special delivery arrived for PASA today on the big brown truck (the mcleods not the cats). Happy Cyber Monday!!!

McLeod order

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