The North Shore stuff was fun at Pee Wee's while it lasted but it has been long dilapidated. This weekend a PASA work crew met out at Pee Wee's and worked on tearing down what was left of the old freeride structures. Everything in the middle area of the trail was demoed and placed into two huge piles. RIP (rot in peace). A new climb after the metal bridge was also flagged and rough cut. The climb will be more sustainable, less steep, even incorporate some downhill, and be about triple the distance of the old climb. This line will be finished in the near future and the old climb will be reclaimed to nature. Big thanks to all the volunteers who came out and gave up their Saturday morning - Bil, Calvin (and sons), Craig, Jason (and sons), Jesse, Josh, Russ, Scott, Sheryl, and Wes!

Pee Wee's

Last Sunday PASA members Ben Cohen (Trail Coordinator) and Josh Taylor met some of the Kings Mountain Gateway Trail people for a hike on the greenway as we started devising a plan of attack for this potentially huge trail project! Seems like every-time we turn around we're being allowed more access to acreage before we can even put a mcleod to the ground! It's looking as if Kings Mountain Bike Trail has the potential to be well over 30 miles in length before it's all over and that could end up being a low estimate. It's safe to say that this will become our flagship trail, and we're super psyched to have such a good relationship with the Gateway Trail group even this early in! Trail work days are right around the corner. Those of you who live in or near Kings Mountain we will especially be looking for you assistance in this endeavour. As you know PASA likes to do things by hand...and we're gonna need a lot of hands to pump out prime mileage as fast as we can. We might have the mini-Pisgah in the making right here in our own backyard!

Kings Mountain
PASA and KMGT - The mountain bike trail would follow the greenway through this area up in the hillside!

Kings Mountain
Trail Coordinator Ben Cohen surveying one of the larger parcels reserved for our trail...

Kings Mountain
We won't have to mess with building many bridges as KMGT has taken care of a lot of that for us!

Kings Mountain
Another high quality bridge that's being completed which our trail will use. Not that PASA doesn't build some nice bridges but we can't compete with this!

Kings Mountain
How many bike clubs have a trail with a dedicated bridge over Highway 85? One that we know of.....  ;)

For the past few weekends we've been working out at Poston around the area where you ride past the Mountain View neighborhood. The major ideas being to abandon a climb that was too steep by creating a more gradual and sustainable climb, lengthening the trail distance overall, and getting farther back in the woods from the neighborhood to keep that primitive feel the woods at Poston so nicely provides. All that work is now complete, minus some minor touch-ups the new trail is open and marked! Altogether I would estimate that we added right around a mile of additional trail. Now everyone just needs to get out there and pack it in by putting some tread on it....that's the fun trail work! Thanks to everyone who has been out there the last couple weeks doing work to complete this alteration. Off the top of my head that would be Jon, John, Russ, Bil, Leanne, Scott, Craig, and Dave but I'm sure I missed someone. Additionally Dan has been out there doing some chainsaw work which is much appreciated, nothing sucks much worse than lugging a chainsaw miles back into the woods. Thanks to Carlton and Robert as well - They've been doing some off-the-trail dirt work creating a new jump line near the powerline cut. I might not hit it but I'll stay entertained watching other people wreck on it! Projects on the way at Poston include the kid's trail and finally getting the Spencer Mountain trail built!

Jdub and DaveZ doing work!

As the new year begins please consider once again making an annual donation to the Piedmonet Area Singletrack Alliance for the 2012 year. If you ride at Poston, Pee Wee's, or the South Fork River Trail. If you want to support our on-going projects in Huntersville and Kings Mountain. If you use the website and our forums. All great reasons to consider giving to the club and showing your support! 2011 was a big year for us as we moved into Lincoln County and Cleveland County so all the volunteer help and financial help in 2012 will be much appreciated! For more information about how to contribute and what that will go towards please visit the following WEBPAGE. Thanks again for helping us carry the load!

Heavy Stuff

Please consider supporting PASA's efforts and services financially. For more information on contributing visit "PASA 411 / Contribute to PASA" on the menu. Thanks for your support!

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