On Sunday afternoon Calvin and I set out to start flagging the trail corridor for the Kings Mountain Bike Trail. A lot of this woods is new growth from what looks like a clear cut from maybe 3-5 years a go. We knew it would be thick but until we actually stepped into it we didn't have a clue. You literally cannot walk through it, you can't see 10 feet in front of you. Luckily this trail is going to be pretty linear most of the time so design without site isn't a huge issue as we're in the woods a few hundred feet away from the greenway so we can kind of tell what's going on by getting out in the open. Moving through the woods and flagging without cutting some form of an opening as you go however is dang near impossible. We brought a bush axe but that was not the correct tools, you didn't have room to swing it. Next time loppers and maybe a machete are the right tools for the job. We're also looking into the possibility of using a walk-behind brush mower to open the initial path which would blow through what's really just grunt work before any trail work can even be done. One way or another we got some clearing to do but it's totally worth it...the Kings Mountain Bike Trail is going to be an epic ride!

PASA Trail Work
- Calvin at the start of our flagging which ended up taking an hour to move less than a 10th of a mile. The start pictured above is about as open as it got.

Today a PASA work crew started cutting trail at the foot of Spencer Mountain, something we've been wanting to get to for a while now. There is a stretch of park land that skirts the edge of the mountain and we should be able to get a few miles of trail back in there. As terrain intense as Poston Trail already is this just takes it to another level! When finished expect at least 3 downhill runs, some of them to be the fastest sections of trail yet. As always you can expect some climbs too...kind of goes without saying at Poston. None of this is open or connected to the main trail yet, we will connect it in some 1/2 complete fashion in the next week or two so people can start using what's there. Completing the whole project is going to take at least a month but we don't want people to have to wait that long...better to put tires on as soon as possible. Thanks to this mornings volunteers - Blair, Carlton, John, and Jon!

Poston Trail Work

Poston Trail Work

Hey go check it out! A big thanks to Gaston Alive! from all of us at PASA for the article and the recognition!

Gaston Alive bikePASA Article

Gaston Alive

Put it on your calendar....be there! March 10th is the first annual swap meet and bike ride presented by PASA in conjunction with our good friends at Ride-A-Bike bicycle shop. Come on out and sell your used stuff or buy someone elses used stuff....or just come hang out and then ride. More info to come as we get closer to the date. SEE YOU THERE!


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