So the Spencer Mtn Trail is finally complete! There is still some work that needs to be done up in there but it's nothing major and the trail will benefit from traffic so Russ and I opened up the entrance/exit on Saturday. It's not marked but it's super easy to find. After you ride the trail that goes behind the soccer fields where you pop out above the dog park instead of turning right like you would normally do (where you ride along the dog park fence and then take the right by the pine tree and go back into the woods) turn left up the power line road like you're going to ride straight up the face of Spencer Mountain. When you get to the point where there is a power line road that splits off to the left if you look to the right you will see singletrack taking off into the woods. That's the trail. Now there is no signage yet so remember this simple rule. If there is a spilt in the trail GO RIGHT unless you've been there already then GO LEFT. This is because the entrance and exit use the same 50 feet or so of trail. Also there is a stretch of trail you ride twice which we call the Deja Vu loop. The first time you get to split at the end of it you turn RIGHT then you end up coming up the same climb and your second time at the split you turn LEFT. It's all pretty easy to figure out and we will get it signed soon so it's even easier to make out. Get on it ASAP and beat the trail down!

Spencer Mtn Loop

The last 500 feet of the Spencer Mountain Trail at Poston is a brutal slow build...steep hillside, lots of rocks (boulders), and rooty. It's one of those sections of trail that you're cursing as you build it but ince complete will look like something out of Pisgah. Scott and I spent a few hours this morning chipping away at it and managed to bench in probably 200+ feet. The climb looked like it was going to be pretty tough but after leveling out spots by moving dirt around it doesn't look too overly intense (by Poston standards). Next week if we have a crew of three or more we should be able to knock all that bench out. The Spencer trails still need a good bit of TLC here and there and one bridge built but we can probably open it even before we get to everything...hopefully it will be open for business the first or second week in April. Carlton and Dan were also out and about at Poston today adding some berms to the turns! This dirt work is just what Poston needs to speed up the trail and add more flow. Thanks to all the workers including those who worked out at Kings Mountain today. PASA is getting it done!

Trail Work
- Scott cutting bench on the Spencer Mountain Loop!

Trail Work
- The final product after some tough bench work...

This morning we spent more time working up on the Poston mountain property at the base of Spencer Mountain. An additional loop had already been flagged up in the hills last week by Carlton and me so today we were able to concentrate on notching out what was marked. Amazingly we knocked it all out which had to be over a half mile of new trail cut....rake-and ride hillside trail for the most part believe it or not! We do need to get back out there and bench a few sections and REALLY throw a pro-bench on the last 100 yards. I think a crew of five+ could knock all that out in a few hours though so keep your schedule open for next Saturday morning. After we knock this out and a little bit of additional clean up work the first phase of the Spencer Mountain Loop can be opened to everyone! Altogether it will add about one to one and a half miles of additional trail to Poston. Oh yeah there is a bridge to get built as well but we can add that after the fact if we don't get to it before we're ready to open house. There is a ride-around for now thanks to Jonboy. It was not a cool morning today, once the sun got up in the sky it was pretty toasty work so big thanks to Richard, Russ (and son), and Scott for coming out and sweating it out...super productive day!

Trail Work
- We heard Poston was in need of more elevation...fixed.

Trail Work
- Child labor laws? Never heard of them......

It has been almost a month since a front page update; bikepasa might need to fire their webmaster. I’m gonna talk to somebody about that pronto. Well even though the front page has been lacking the club has been doing plenty. First off lots of work has been going on with Poston Trail as always. Right now we are working on a new loop up on the lower edge of Spencer Mountain, hopefully we can finish that up by the end of March and hook it into the trail system.  Typical Poston…you go up, you go down but even more so than normal. One downhill should be the fastest currently in the whole trail system!

Trail Work
- Freshly cut bench and a nice little cairn (ode to Wilson Creek).

Trail Work
- The Spencer Mountain Trail will have plenty of rock features!

Meanwhile in Kings Mountain we continue to take an assembly line attack strategy with the dense scrub we’re slowly getting trail into. Right now we have a Trail Designer who goes in and cuts a path wide enough to squeeze through to flag, and then multiple trail coordinators come in behind that flagging to open the corridor. At this point we are not even working on the trail surface yet…clearing alone is a full-time gig.

Trail Work
- This is what the Trail Designer has to deal with…the blind leading the blind. Bushwhack and flag!

Trail Work
- After serious clearing and MUCH hard work by the Trail Coordinators and their volunteers we end up with this. Be sure to thank those peeps…this is not an easy or fun process.

Finally today we had our very first PASA swap meet. This one was held at Pee Wee’s Mountain Bike Park and we had a really great turnout for a first stab at this. Everyone had a great time, scored some good deals, and enjoyed a nice group ride after the barter session. Look for us to have another swap meet for sure…maybe sooner than later.

Swap Meet
- PASA Swap Meet at Pee Wee’s Mountain Bike Park…

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