As we move into yet another year of trail building please consider making your annual donation to the Piedmonet Area Singletrack Alliance for 2014. If you use and enjoy Poston Trail, or Pee Wee's Mtn Bike Park, if you want to support our on-going projects, if you use the website and our forums. These are all great reasons to consider giving to the club and showing your support for the hard work our volunteers do and the resources they provide! PASA prides itself on running a frugal show however we do still have some financial needs from paying for expenses associated with our website, to purchasing lumber and hardware for trail projects, to tool purchases. Sometimes our own (paying) members come out of pocket for things a trail needs or an pay service our website needs and we like to keep that at a minimum or better yet have it not happen at all! Your support, no matter how small will go a long way to keeping us chugging along as we continue to build the best local trails and advocate for bikes and trails in the community!  For more information about how to contribute, what that will go towards, and member specials and discounts please visit the following WEBPAGE. Thanks again for helping us carry the load as we continue on with the bikePASA mission in 2014!

Support PASA!

Please consider supporting PASA's efforts and services financially. For more information on contributing visit "PASA 411 / Contribute to PASA" on the menu. Thanks for your support!

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