Mud is a common issue on all trails in NC this year. I guess when you get 12 months worth of rain in 5 months these things happen and even the best draining trails develop trouble spots...Poston is no exception. Despite normally being amazing at shedding water Poston has plenty of sloppy spots at the moment. PASA has been working on fixing these slowly but surely. Deberming and cutting drainage trenches is tough work, during the summer it can be brutal. We have addressed most of the real bad mud holes at this point but there are a few that still need some work, be patient and we will get it all squared away in the next month or two. There was one spot that was so bad that personally I felt it was in total disrepair and that's the huge mud hole near the end of the Lake Loop...if you've been riding this summer you know the one. It's so bad most people had stopped using that last section of trail altogether, instead opting to ride around the gate on the gravel road back to the parking lot. That low spot in the trail has always gunked up during rain as it sits in the low spot and a lot of water moves through it. The last thing we wanted was to put a bunch of hours into deberming and trenching to have it look the same way next year. Additionally it was so wet and nasty I didn't even see a way to make it dry out so the slightest bit of traffic was going to wreck it again. In situations like this sometimes an elevated structure is the best option so we decided to build a boardwalk over the mud. With materials provided by Gaston County Parks and Recreation we (Matt, Scott, Steve, and myself) built a ~35 feet long boardwalk yesterday evening. The work went really smoothly and we are very pleased with the end results. An otherwise high maintenance section of trail is now no maintenance! Please note, the bridge does not have a ramp up onto it yet but lifting your front tire onto the bridge will be simple enough for intermediate mountain bikers. We decided we want to make the start of the bridge 10 - 12 feet longer but we won't have that work done for another week or so. We will also be cutting the decking to all match up and have a curved appearance (gotta make it look nice after all). I hope everyone enjoys the work and be sure to thank our hard working volunteers next time you see them!


- Matt and Steve laying out the mudsills and stringers



- The new boardwalk nearing completion!



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