The bikePASA website now has a calendar feature which will allow us to better organize trail work days, group rides, etc. Additionally it adds better visibility and one location to go view what might be in many locations on the forum. Work days, big group rides, and other events will still get posted on the bikePASA forum as well as on our Facebook page but we will try to make a habit of creating all events in the calendar and then referencing from there of the forums and Facebook. Currently there is only one event in the calendar but as we load more and you use the calendar please let me know if you experience anything buggy and I will work on resolving it. The calendar is available on the menu system under PASA 411/Events Calendar. I've also provided an Upcoming Events module as well as a Calendar module on each page of the website. We're a ragtag group but we're trying to get more organized people!  ;)

Please consider supporting PASA's efforts and services financially. For more information on contributing visit "PASA 411 / Contribute to PASA" on the menu. Thanks for your support!

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