I could not build a bridge for the rest of my life and wouldn't miss it...for that reason we've been pretty slack in a few spots on Poston Trail that could really use them. Over the next year we will be adding five or so either as a club or with the help of Eagle Scout projects! Today Jamie, Russ, and I built a bridge as a replacement for the metal bridge on the Lake Loop that was continually working it's way lower and lower. The new wooden bridge is 9-foot long, 4-foot wide and has a nice transition onto and off of the bridge. Back in the day before the metal bridge had worked its way so low you could get up the hill on the other side without pedaling, I think that will be the case again now! Thanks to Gaston County Parks and Rec for providing the lumber for this build and getting it as close to where we needed it as they could with vehicles. We ONLY had to walk it all in about a half-mile or so which when I say I hate building bridges it's really just this part. Getting a 4" x 6" x 12' board that far into the woods is rough, never mind three of them plus fifteen 2" x 6" x 8's.  Once it is all where you want it the actual build process is fun and rewarding! Thanks again to Jamie and Russ for their assistance today, now get out there and check it out! Oh yeah we moved the old metal bridge to a muddy dip at the beginning of Laurel Hill Loop, it's a good temporary fix that we will also replace with a wooden bridge this summer.

Bridge work
- The old metal bridge. It ain't pretty but it did it's job for 1000's of crossing 5+ years!

Bridge work
- Jamie cutting the 8's down to 4's

Bridge work
- Mudsills installed and stringers being nailed into the mudsills for a solid structure!

Bridge work
- Russ and Jamie drilling the boards in place, almost done!

Bridge work
- The final product ready for use after some dirt work on the two ends of the bridge!

Chainsaw art
- Some chainsaw art by Jamie, "WTE". One of Poston Trail's nicknames...

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